Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is based on the belief that all children have equal rights in society: equal rights to education and therefore need to be given equal opportunities to learn. Though children are of different ability and styles, they should be treated with all fairness and given equal chance to succeed in the education system.

I believe that knowledge is built up upon prior knowledge. As educators, it is our role to support the learners’ development for them to move to the next step. This method of learning is called scaffolding and was advocated by Vygotsky.  Scaffolds are temporary and are removed when the learners abilities increase to more knowledgeable (Van Der Stuyf , R., 2002).

I also believe that learners are products of their social environment. Therefore, their behaviours and development can be influenced by setting their classroom environment, a place where they spend most of their day. Following Vygotskian theories, dynamic support and considerate guidance are provided based on the learner’s abillity. Students are exposed to discussions, research collaborations and project groups that work on problem analysis. (Ozer, O., 2004). Therefore, learners are allowed to interact with each other.

“The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior.” Marva Collins

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